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The Manitou
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Manitou 2017

Q left the porch to stand near the street. It was narrow, quiet, and paved with pebbles in this residential neighborhood. After the last houses, across a huge, barren field, crops grew. Wheat. Q waited near the hot, bright road. The sky was blue during afternoon.

"I have an extra shirt," Travis offered. "If you get over there, I'd like to know about it."

"I can rest for a few minutes."

"Sit on the porch," Travis stood up. "Let me get you a clean shirt."

"Thank you," Q now wore a cotton t-shirt, dark color, heavy pants stolen from the laundry, and good athletic shoes taken from the police officer. I wonder how far? I was on the bus. My guitar went yesterday. I need to get there."

"I should go with you," Travis sat down. "I have coffee to boil on the stove. We will each drink a cup of coffee before you leave."

"I want to get there today. Another two hours of sunlight," Q knew the road across farmlands would be dark. "How far is Masters of Opulence?"

Luiz was eleven. He knew more than these others, he thought. Suzy and Randy were older kids, ages 13 and 15. Luiz doubted they knew anything about the tube.

"It goes to the other side," he said. "I've known a bunch of people who went. They never come back. That much is true."

"We know about the tube," said Randy.

"Which way does it go?"

Suzy recognized this argument. These two had argued it before. Luiz thought the tube went down, past the twirling pillars creating the gravity. The tube went down and came out on the other side.

"It's glass," said Luiz. "Like our side."

Suzy believed the tube went up, through five stories of glass, to be ejected into space. The speed of the ejected tube would be extremely fast. Into the bright, infinite world beyond, believed Suzy.

Randy disliked having Luiz around. Randy knew about the tube. It went to a better place. No one came back because they did not want to come back.

"That supports my idea," said Suzy. "If the tube is ejected into space, it goes to a planet too far away to return here."

Out into space

Light, distance, loneliness


"I'm thinking about an old song," said Jake. "Out into space. That means the tube is a spaceship that ejects upward from here."

"There are no planets nearby. Only Earth. To eject here would be senseless."

"Then, the tube goes to the other side, past the pillars. There is another part of the spaceship nobody knows about. That is the other side."

"And we never see them again," said Suzy.

"On that side," said Jake," everything is better. I know it. Nicer apartments. Shorter work weeks."

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