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Manitou 2017

KAAL: A structure, a pyramid it was called, stood high and strong, constructed of heavy, hewn stones. On the planet Earth, sometimes the savage creatures were trained to use straw and mud to make bricks. Of course, hay was a good material and a side business for animal husbandry. The human creatures were the weakest, most pathetic animals (although tasty); and oddly, humans could be inspired to learn and work together. They could develop. That was the point of the pyramid which functioned as a gigantic computer to study the creatures. Once the weakest, stupidest mammals, human beings now stood organized and powerful with their pyramid. Corn fields or wheat fields tended daily by diligent beings allowed peace and comfort. The creatures procreated and continued to work together to advance.

Something occurred, and it was revealed to the men in space (inventors of the pyramid) by the computer-like enterprise on Earth. Decline. The creatures could not advance past a certain level. While contemplating this, 1000 year old KAAL on the huge, slower space ship still decades away from Earth figured humans lacked stable brain qualities which failed once peace, shelter, and food were secure. It was like the end of one of their modern criminal gang parties at the beach. At one in the morning, after the rape of a young lady to invite her into the gang, a peak of excitement at the beach party -- what then?

Eventually, prior to severe decline, a monarch would be elected. This human being and his family somehow managed to maintain advanced, decent standards while the rest of the comfortable humans declined into sordidness and insanity. Periodically, wars reduced the numbers of these creatures.

The Pyramid Computer: Earth, 15,000 BC

Years passed, and at the top of the pyramid the king, his large family, and great numbers of lords and bureaucrats maintained order. However, the lead creature, the king, was born each generation to the original king's family. Two, three, or five generations later, the king himself would be dissolute. Then, he would never appear in public for fear of being criticized. "What is this idolatrous, weak coward doing at the top of the pyramid? What makes him so fortunate?" Therefore, the king hid generation after generation and became more stupid. Instead of a venerated leader, an example of human achievement, he became a burden to the citizens groveling and procreating throughout the world's jungles and deserts. Who needed an expensive, useless king, his family, and hoards of dishonest bureaucrats feeding off the working public?

The pyramid model showed that this human decline was as natural as a tree dropping fruit to the ground to rot. The human beings could not advance to higher levels.

While contemplating, Kaal, after 1000 years of life practically an invalid only alive due to his head, thought about a cup of coffee and the machine automatically prepared and delivered the brew to Kaal at his desk near his spacious window. Night was extremely void, and the ship traveling hundreds of thousands of miles per hour seemed as if it were not moving but provided a wonderful view for Kaal out his window. He sipped coffee. No. Earth humans could not advance.

One episode, prior to the war 1000 years ago involved an election in The United States as it was called where a raw potato with plastic features to cause it to look like a face was elected President. "The Committee" used the item to instruct the public that the true rulers (the committee) could never be revealed due to security reasons. The TV viewers accepted the story. For one term, just prior to the riots and burnings of the TV DVDs, a raw potato was President of the United States. Advisors insisted he be addressed as Mr Potato to illustrate that even a creature like him, in a free country, could become President.

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