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The Manitou
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Manitou 2017


Candyce was able to read a blue page. Somehow, maybe like the odd voice she could hear sometimes, a mistake allowed indiscretions. There it was, a blue page. Instead of figuring how it appeared on her computer, Candyce glanced around then read voraciously. PYRAMIDS: Important. This is a restricted, blue page. One must carry the official bureaucrat card and have a task to complete involving this page or the reading of this page is illegal.

Candyce continued reading. Pyramids were the first structures which people had built. Candyce was shocked by the time, 17,000 years ago,. Also, descriptions about how people appeared, as uneducated savages awed Candyce. Language and words were not yet invented; the entire history here related never had entered any lecture, story, or encounter studied during ten years of life. She was considered smart. Blue page knowledge must have been extremely well hidden, Candyce guessed.

Tammy existed 500 years after the war. Her fame meant she had led the world to redeem whatever history it could. This blue page described another generally taboo subject. Prior to the war, the people wanted to correct whatever erroneous behaviors collectively led people to war. 250 years prior to The War: (blue page) The public burnings of thousands of TV DVDs and then the executions of TV producers. 100 years prior to The War: (blue page) The Purge of the Professors. All evil beliefs and corrupt actions after more than one hundred years of peace and prosperity flowed from deceitful, favored lords through TV to inundate viewers. Tammy warned that it was not a finite group of kings dominating a hoard of citizens. Instead, it was that citizens somehow developed within their ranks heroes and educated persons. The striving of the masses to become dignified and educated caused the conflict, Tammy noted.

(Blue Page) The Biker Beat Down 200 years prior to The War (Tammy). Racist white people, "losers" as they were called, formed into gangs during prosperous times in the United States. One textbook described these 65 year old, influential white men from hundreds of cities and towns as "lovers of a lie, seeking to fornicate with each others' children, and as people of no faith." Kaal, the great religious leader during the war also railed against such cretins. The issue was how prosperity allowed dishonesty, crime, and all sorts of degenerate natures. Two hundred years prior to the war, black men from the cities and Hispanic gangs joined into a savage force clubbing and shooting thousands of fat, white "original gangsters" as the bikers desired to be called. The event was annual that the now middle aged, legitimate business men attended riding motorcycles. The black men and Hispanics also destroyed half the "rock and roll" songs which over half a century had devolved into corrupt business deals from foreign countries dictating through TV which noise was "great" or which European book was "genius" merely to transport money between countries. The public's wrath leading to the Beat Down...

"Candyce," Geoffrey peeked in at the door. "You seem quiet. Are you studying?"
She turned off her computer.


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