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Manitou 2017

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It was nice to believe in something. The beauty of the desert fit the bill. Meanwhile, we were never alone. However, few were rich enough to support many. One or two relatives given decent jobs was about the extent of it.

"Do you remember the project?"

Jones heard the voice, and Jones knew there had been an important project to focus on. Now, after only a few hours, Jones intended to resolve the project. He needed to relax.

"No," he spoke loudly and hoped no witnesses existed.

Kaal frequently with a telepathy contact like this would listen as the person appeared disturbed to his contemporaries. Kaal knew that the human emotions were too powerful for the creatures to contain. Emotionally, the most advanced began talking to themselves. Often, such would claim they suspected someone was watching them. Prior to the war 1000 years ago, when Kaal was 11, people on Earth created psychology to figure things like this out. Why did some advanced creatures, otherwise a food stock for the arriving space travelers, become fearful of being watched and followed?


Tammy 500 years ago translated War History. Tammy's famous War History existed on library shelves for hundreds of years. She mentioned minutia, small details about The War which had wiped out two thirds of the Earth's population in 2160AD.

Jackson was Southern President considered a madman, purveyor of the largest Cattle Ranch in the Western United States. Eight billion human beings needed sustenance, and they craved meat.

When Jackson began to brag about being from Texas, that was ok with The South. But when Jackson removed the Stars and Bars flag, he put up the Texas flag across the entire South. Texas, he maintained, was not part of the traditional South, themselves initiators of many wars historically. The South, said Jackson, every portion from Beaumont, Texas to Florida, was part of Texas and needed to fly the Texas flag. Knowledge like that, thought Tammy, came from remote places where actual citizens lived and many times suffered. Places like that and stories like that contributed to the larger war trend. Jackson claimed "they" implanted bionic parts in him. In fact, technicians at headquarters in a safe neighborhood could see what Texas President Jackson, 2160AD United States experienced himself where he served. He was patriotic. Jackson stuck up for decency and right thinking. He said "they" could move his lips and broadcast words. Technicians could even substitute words. As Jackson announced from the podium -- we need less war, the word more replaced less and blended well to sound like President Jackson. He wanted to be clear in his memoirs that President Jackson did not oppose this clandestine work by the bosses. He was patriotic. Also, educated. Jackson recognized the cycle. War necessarily needed to occur.


45 years. After sitting in his wonderful room living here in the main space ship for 1000 years, 45 years until impact with Earth would pass quickly, Kaal believed. He was attempting to comprehend what human beings thought as their war cycle progressed again after 1000 years at eight billion human beings. If such a large meat source existed when the ship arrived, that would be ideal.

Currently, Kaal sent telepathic images to Senator Jones. 500 years ago, when Kaal was of the age 500, Tammy had written her histories. Kaal never contacted Tammy. Maybe that was a mistake, Kaal thought. But he was young then. Now, Kaal sent images of Tammy's history text to Senator Jones.

The Project. According to a history written 500 years ago by Tammy, before being assassinated, President Jackson said he was controlled. Bionic technology worked well as The War started. He resented "their" control of his lips. Prior to being used by the bosses (but Jackson affirmed he was a patriot), he could whistle. He would whistle for pleasure while he worked. President Jackson was a good man. Senator Jones commended himself for opting to read one of the Tammy histories. In the end, thought Senator Jones, the project would be to push back the cycle.

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