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The Manitou
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Manitou 2017

The third World War on Earth reduced the population from 8 billion human beings to 3 billion. Robertson held immense power in this golden part of the city. Aged 45, as a child growing up near a beautiful, wooded setting and river, the child Robertson only contemplated the distant future (45) a couple of times. Well, this was it. Aged 45. Robertson was the top boss in this golden neighborhood.

It was 1000 years ago. This year was 3163AD. One main negotiation after the War among all human beings was population control. If the World's population again reached 8 billion, World War would occur.

Robertson inhaled mist. He enjoyed the view from his high window as the sun came up. Mist would not be allowed among the civilians, the main population of the city which Robertson looked out the window and down on at 5am in late Summer, United States, 3163AD.

Besides population control, which failed causing many sorts of schemes and governments, also agreed to in the peace settlements one thousand years ago was time control. Since electronics and modern conveniences, time would be maintained. Scientific measurements would be preserved.

1000 years ago, in 2160AD, the World's population of 8 billion demanded that World War III occur. The wonderful mist of marijuana smoke and alcohol was inexpensive and regardless worth the cost. Robertson inhaled, relaxed, and looked down at the city a distance away. The forty story statue of Kall was twice as tall as other structures.

It was an odd, human occurrence. It was a creature that worked together for prosperity, bred and enjoyed bounty, then viciously killed one another and tore their ant hill down. Robertson's one nemesis, Jenkins, believed there was an ant species that behaved in that manner. Jenkins asserted that an ancient book people possessed prior to World War III predicted the War.

Robertson resented Senator Jones, an old jackass who should have retired long ago. At age eighty nine, Senator Jones bragged about being that old and still involved in politics. Also, the point of contention was bragging about his so called project to keep World War IV from occurring. Robertson did his part and deserved equal credit or more.

The Masters of Opulence Talent Agancy was a population control variation of Wild William's population control plan (PCP) of 300 years ago. This type of thinking reminded Robertson about Q, the escaped MOO applicant.


Zenon's office was the width of the nine story tall, glass space ship. He held the top position, speeding through space. The huge population on the main ship was 45 years behind at this point. Five glass stories, 15 feet tall, arose on this side of the Gravity Pillars. Below the pillars existed four glass stories twelve feet tall. Agricultural fields also took up parts of the human being, food stock, level.

As developed, thinking individuals, Zenon's race had larger heads to hold larger brains, but appendages and appearances were similar. The human being food stocks did not know about the race of beings which to the humans would exist below their feet (below the gravity pillars).

As approximately three human beings per day were taken into the Tube, overpopulation for the human beings was not a problem. One issue always returned to get Zenon's attention, to bother him. Contention. Some brains retained savage tendencies. One third of the space ship on Zenon's side of the Gravity Pillars was quarantined for ambition and contention, savage tendencies. The humans used their ambition to become successful and get into the Tube.

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