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I've used Mike Rogers the Writer since 1995.  My Catholic name is Mike Rogers, 1967, Poughkeepsie, New York.  Now, all writing will be published under my regular name, Mike Hayne, or Mikey, from Las Vegas...

Please visit my regular website: mikehayne.com

Tammy History, and this was the reason Kaal, still 45 years from Earth, had overlooked Tammy at the time. Now, Kaal directed followers to study Tammy.

One of the fiercest battles occurred prior to the War. Also, this involved space station astronauts when four United States men and women defied orders and physically fought eight others to not deploy the hurricane. Kaal enjoyed a telepathic day with Robertson on Earth. Robertson paced and broadcast to citizens.

"Show Tammy History 15," directed Kaal from his apartment on the large space ship. "The space station was destroyed before the War."

Tammy History 15: The Legend of the Blue Lights

On Earth, three years prior to the War, when a human being on the internet configured his transmission a certain way, it appeared blue to the sixteen people employed on the Space Station. This was 2157AD.

"Look," Reginald, a black man from Missouri, sat at his computer desk in the main work room. His view of North America was spectacular.

Nearby sitting at their computers were Jennifer (USA) and Max (China).

"I think," said Jennifer, "there is no real reason to start yet...."

"Orders," Max figured these two did not know what they were doing.

"Look," Reginald never considered himself physical. He might have to get into some sort of fight if Jennifer continued. "Look, you all," Reginald noted that almost full staff was present. It was mid afternoon over North America. "Half the continent is lit up..."

"That means," Jennifer came close, "each one of those people configured on the internet a certain way?"

"Yes," Reginald liked Jennifer and disliked Max.

"Nobody," said Max, "in those neighborhoods sees blue light. We from space are the only ones who see that frequency as blue."

"Correct," replied Reginald.

"It makes me think," Max worked for China. His uniform wore the Chinese flag. "Consider that each one of those tuned to that internet frequency is a person and the hurricane will kill thousands."

"I'm not doing it," said Jennifer.

"Orders. We have to," Max did not care one way or another.


Tammy history: The two mediocre countries fought a brutal, jungle war over a reality TV show. The most popular reality TV show, the almost cruel, daily heartbreaks of a candidate, had not granted permission for anyone to film his life.

Tammy History 10: The Reality TV Dispute

A bloody war in South America was a dispute between two countries about a reality TV show. The candidate, an unwitting reality star who stood to win a billion dollars, lived in one country but the show was broadcast in a neighboring country.

Robertson noted he enjoyed the previous history more. He switched back. He enjoyed the live, archived films from the Space Station. The restricted, Blue Page films, showed very brutal, depraved human fighting as four United States crew members fought to not deploy the Atlantic Ocean hurricane. Robertson smirked.

Robertson removed the Tammy History program. He understood the 500 year old history lesson benefited the public. However, near mid-day, Robertson asked technicians to set up a special stage. TV cameras pointed there, and the guitar rested on a stand quietly. Yes, there it was, the guitar from the Masters of Opulence facility.

"Hello people," Robertson smiled. For this he turned off the mister. He was angry. "I would not normally go to this trouble. Nonetheless, I have decided to broadcast images of the guitar and to show it is right here, safe with me...."

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